The Process

We want you to see
Israel YOUR way!
That׳s why we don׳t
have regular,
"off the shelf" tours

We at Israel My Way take pride in the unique and different approach we take
in preparing your tour. We want you to see Israel your way.
That’s why we don’t have regular, “off the shelf” tours. We never plan a tour without first studying the needs and characteristics of the group in detail.
We will be in constant contact with you during the planning stages, thereby
ensuring we have customized your tour to your needs so that you will have the best possible Israel experience.

Here's how it works:


First Contact

Once you’ve contacted us and requested a customized tour in Israel, we’ll ask you
for detailed information about your group’s characteristics, expectations,
and requirements. This helps us understand the group’s areas of interest,
preferences, and any other factors that need to be taken into account. At the bottom of this page there is the initial questionnaire we’ll ask you to fill out.
More specific questions will probably follow as we start planning your tour.



This is where all the planning takes place. Based on the information you have given to us, we start tailoring your tour, deciding on all the places we’ll take you to, working on all the special ‘extras’ which makes Israel My Way what it is:
Meetings with experts/companies /institutions in your area of interest,
exceptional and less-visited sites, exciting social events and outdoor activities,
lectures, group dynamics, simulation sessions, music and arts sessions, parties –
all those ‘special treatment’ bonuses we are proud to excel at.


Initial Draft Itinerary

When our first draft itinerary is ready, we’ll send it for your review. Now it’s your
turn to evaluate the itinerary to see if it meets your goals and to give us feedback.
It may take more than one draft to create your ultimate tour experience!


Pricing & Booking

Once we agree on the plan, we send you a formal price proposal. Our concept of
customization applies here as well - we will adapt the price to match your budget.
Upon your confirmation, you’ll need to pay a deposit to confirm your booking.
Payment should be made no later than 60 days before the tour commences.

Read more about our standard Terms & Conditions


Departure & Start Your Trip!

Just be there on time…
We’ll do EVERYTHING required to make sure this tour will be a memorable
experience for you and your group. Upon landing at Israel, we will be there at the
airport to welcome you.

The level of service provided by
Israel My Way was absolutely professional and to the highest standards.
Each and every need was considered and taken care of. Customer service was...

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Let us plan the best tour for YOU

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