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Bar Mitzvah

Bar and Bat Mitzvah tours are once-in-a-lifetime events not only for the happy boy or girl, but in many occasions for the entire family as well. Many families let us plan an itinerary that combines contribution to the community with exciting outdoor activities, leisure with emotional ceremonies, and family 'quality time' with an unforgettable Bar or Bat Mitzvah party.


This was the first time that this wonderful Jewish-American family traveled together and they wanted it to be very special as the grandparents were having health issues and they thought this would be their last chance to travel together. They all felt this tour was literally life changing for them and they keep talking about it more than 2 years later.

"Dear Yoav,
I just want to thank you again for the wonderful trip you planned for us...we had the trip of a lifetime and memories that will last a lifetime! Your planning was flawless! And, thank you for selecting Danny to be our tour guide and Mor to be our bus driver. They were WONDERFUL...funny, knowledgeable, professional and all-around great. When my kids thanked us for the trip and told us that they had the most amazing time imaginable, I told them not to thank ME. All I did was select YOU and you did it all! The only problem with this trip is that it can never be topped. So, what do we do when the twins get bat- mitzvahed? You'd better start thinking about it now!! Again, thank you so much. You, Danny, and Mor will always be our thoughts. 
Sincerely, Ruth"


The variety of family tours and their scope is endless. Each family wants a different pace and style, has different interests, and different ideas about what they want to achieve and experience during their tour. That's why we sit down with the family before they arrive so that we can get a comprehensive picture of what they want from their vacation and make sure that what they get exceeds their expectations and leaves them asking for more.
Family tours will be a combination of fun, leisure, outdoor adventures, educational activities, special events, and in short, will fulfil every exciting, wild dream your family has about their Israel trip! That is what IMW does best – making your dreams a reality!


The parents of this wonderful family from Boston, Massachusetts, who came with their two daughters in their early 20's, asked us to design an itinerary that would strengthen the girls' attachment to Israel, to their Jewish roots, and to their history. Obviously they also wanted to have as many exciting adventures as possible while they were here. After a few draft itineraries sent between Haifa and Boston, we came up with this final version.  The family's feedback after they returned home was amazing. Whatever your religion, IMW can do the same for your family.

"Hi Yoav,
Thank you for planning a wonderful trip. There is no way that I could have planned a trip like ours. It takes a special person with a broad knowledge of the country to put together our itinerary. Thank you for sharing your country with us as well as your family.
Yours, Mark"

Jewish Heritage

Bring the Bible to life! From Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob through to the prophets and Kings of Israel.  Learn about the men and women who shaped history. Take a walk through biblical Israel where some of the most fascinating and history-shaping events of all time took place. Meet Jews from all walks of life and discover traditional and modern Judaism.


This tour was designed for a (reform) temple group from New Jersey. Following the rabbi's guidelines, we combined visits to some of the iconic sites with several special activities of Jewish significance, such as welcoming the Shabbat in a private home of local Jerusalemites, visiting an absorption center of Ethiopian Jews, listening to a lecture on the 'Start-up Nation" from  a leading entrepreneur, and more. Since the group's visit overlapped with National Holocaust Rememberance Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day, we designed several activities around them, such as participating in memorial ceremonies at a military cemetary and meeting a living survivor of the Nazi camps. 

"Dear Yoav, It is hard for me to stop commenting on the outstanding trip that you put together for us. Every chance I get I mention "Israel My Way" and the wonderful memories that Wanda and I have. It will be hard to top this trip. I thought everything went very smoothly. We were all very pleased with how organized and thorough Israel My Way handled all the details. We LOVED Eric! (the guide). He was very patient with us and helped us with several things that were not even related to the touring - restaurant reservations, lost baggage, etc. He was also so incredibly knowledgeable about everything! I don't think he ever answered "I don't know" to any of our very random questions that we asked. Everyone in my group would definitely recommend Israel My Way to anyone else traveling to Israel. Thanks again, Chuck"

Christian Pilgrimage

Designed for people with a similar religious backgrounds, our Christian pilgrimage tours usually focus on a central theme. Depending on the nature of the group, we combine religious services, masses, and New Testament readings with social events and fun activities. We put an emphasis on seeking out little-known sites, small ethnic groups, and interesting scenes.


This tour for Christian travelers was customized around the central theme of "The biography of Jesus Christ and His family". The tour focused on all major sites where Jesus lived and taught, as well as those of His disciples. To better understand the environment and background of the rise of Jesus in the 1st century A.D, tour participants learned about the daily life and common beliefs of His time.

“Israel My Way provided a unique and outstanding experience of visiting Israel to a sophisticated, educated, and emotional audience. Being able to tailor a package that comprised the best of the country’s archeological and historical sites, alongside with the actual ‘touch-and-feel’ of the people of the country, the flavors, the spices and the various socio-economic challenges, is the strongest package one can offer visitors to Israel. In one week of intensive travel, seamlessly organized with the best service, hospitality and generosity, Yoav and his team managed to further enhance the understanding of the Israeli realities and our love of Israel.  I can’t think about a better way to enjoy Israel in a customized and sophisticated manner than traveling with Israel My Way – thanks Yoav and team!, A.K."

Professional Tour

Today, the "Land of Milk and Honey" is also known as the "Land of High-tech and Money." Israel's cutting edge technologies and innovations give you outstanding opportunities to establish professional connections, conduct benchmarks, expand your knowledge base, and get updated on recent developments in your field, whether it's teaching, medicine, agriculture, or any other profession. 

Professional tour groups can expect to meet experts and organizations in their field of interest, as well as attend lectures, presentations, and guided and open discussions. As with all our tours, interesting and little-known sights, exciting social events, great food and accommodations are all part of the package. 


Israel's agricultural innovations have transformed fallow land into a thriving agricultural industry. Designed for a group of agriculture professionals and government officials, this tour combined visits to some of the country's most advanced agricultural initiatives, while not missing out on some of Israel's major sites, as well as fun and social bonding activities.

(Translated from Spanish):
"Dear Yoav!
I wanted to say hello and express our gratitude for your great work in showing us through the prodigious land of Israel.
It was an unforgettable experience and I want to thank you for the professionalism of your work.
I want to say that I am a person who admires and appreciates the efforts made by each human being to earn an honest living, and do as you do it with love and dedication to your work.
God bless you, your job and your family!
I know that your job demands it, but really you're a person with a great universal spirit.
Thank you, Pedro"

Art Tour

Israel's diverse cultural mosaic makes it a unique place for art lovers. In this tiny land, you can find art and culture from every point on the globe. Whether you are looking for music, sculpture, painting, dance, opera, theater or any other art form, you will find it here!  By planning a trip 'your way', we can offer our clients an unmatched way to experience Israel's art scene by visiting the leading galleries and meeting the best and most respected artists in any field, all combined with our uncompromised standards of high quality service.


The affluent "Friends of the Secession" organization, based in Western Europe, approached us seeking our help in arranging a special tour of Israel, aimed at exposing the group to Israel's leading art galleries and architecture projects. The tour was led not only by one of our top-class tour guides, but, in some parts, by leading artists and art historians from different disciplines.

"Dear Yoav,
Here are some reflections from the trip (these are first-hand from people I have been in contact with):
Bill: 'the most knowledgeable guide that I’ve ever had.' Rita: 'I got so much from the trip.' Maureen: 'the best trip that I have ever been on.' Louise: 'it was wonderful!' Joan: 'thank you, thank you, thank you!'
Sonia and John: 'it was great!' Roy and Barbara: 'I think we had some very positive, life altering experiences.' Anne: 'I had so much fun with all the wonderful people.' 
I think you know that in many respects I felt personally responsible for everyone’s experience. So, thank you Yoav and your team, for providing us all with 'an experience of a lifetime'.  Our thanks also to your guide and your driver.  We want to especially thank you for the care and concern you showed for Tom and Peggy and for keeping them under your caring umbrella during their health issues in Tel Aviv."

Diving Safari

Combine the adventure of the underwater world with your visit to Israel and the Middle East. Dive The Red, The Med & The Dead!
We offer a unique opportunity to discover new diving destinations and explore diverse cultures in an adventurous, safe, professional, and luxurious tour experience.
Our tailor-made, unique itineraries combine the endless historical, archeological, religious, and natural attractions of Israel with the underwater wonders of the region.
Above and below the water, the possibilities are endless! Explore the amazing colorful reefs of the Red Sea on a private yacht or ride camels and dive with dolphins. Discover the numerous ship wrecks dotting the Mediterranean coastline and add adventure and exhilaration to your vacation with technical grotto and cavern diving. If you are a photographer, we can offer you amazing and exciting underwater or off road photography workshops.


Combining shore diving and a live aboard experience, our unique diving safari provides an opportunity to enjoy the best of all worlds!  Explore the breathtaking, world-renowned Red Sea coral reef dive sites with their amazing populations of colorful fish.  Explore unique Mediterranean ship wrecks, dive with dolphins and explore the world's first underwater archeological park in Caesarea.  But that's not all. On our safaris you get to explore and experience the above ground treasures of Israel, Egypt and Jordan –- from bustling markets to unending  landscapes,  from diverse cultures to ancient cities where past and present meet.

(About the itinerary):
"The itinerary was excellent, could not be better in such a short time. We were treated perfectly, everybody was extremely happy with the tour and expressed their gratitude to your company and to Ofer (guide) for his super professional guiding and efficient services."

(About the guide): "Two words only: Super Professional!

On behalf of our group, I'd express our hearty thanks and appreciations to you and to the guide for all your efforts and great services provided to us. We all feel that the tour was too short and we want to come again someday in the near future.

By the way, everybody liked the BBQ in the nature at the desert. We were all deeply impressed by the way you organized this, the food was so delicious, the wine as great too!

Thank you once again!!

Academic Tour

Israel is one of the world's most educated countries, with universities ranked among the top one hundred across the globe. Explore your field of study with an Academic Tour designed specifically to enhance your knowledge and broaden your horizens. Whether you are studying history, medicine, the social sciences, engineering, or any other area, Israel's cutting edge technologies and innovations give you outstanding opportunities to establish professional connections, conduct benchmarks, expand your knowledge base, and get updated on recent developments in your field.

Academic tour groups can expect to meet experts and organizations in their field of interest, as well as attend lectures, presentations, guided and open discussions. As with all our tours, interesting and little-known sights, exciting social events, great food and accommodation are all part of the package. 


Israel's advanced medical capabilities draw the attention of well-known academics, researchers, students, and industry professionals. This tour was designed for a group of medical students from the University of Chicago who wanted to combine an introduction tour of Israel with a deep look into Israel's medical system and facilities. In 11 days, the group visited over 20 different sites related to medicine, and even had the chance to meet fellow Israeli medical students at parties and special social events.

From the group leader:
"I just want to thank both of you again for helping make this visit the huge success which it was.  I know it wasn't easy, but in truth, most of the visits which I do are of this nature, so I'm used to it.  When you work on it for the first time, it can be a challenge, but you were terrific, and I appreciate it."

Lifestyle Tour

What makes VIP and lifestyle tours different is not necessarily the places you visit, but the way you visit them.  VIP and lifestyle typically include a mix of luxurious services, transportation, and accommodations, coupled with crazy outdoor activities and parties. Our clients come to us and tell us that "we've done that, been there, and seen this. Give us new experiences that will excite us and give us something to remember".


Have our staff meet you at the plane door upon landing and take you in a limo to a private lounge where you sit comfortably while your immigration and security processes are carried out for you.
Let our private chef cook an unforgettable dinner under the stars of the Judean Desert while you enjoy excellent local wines and watch a belly dancer perform her ancient art. Cross the Jezreel Valley in a hot air balloon. Help your children understand historical events through live actors portraying famous scenes, such as the destruction of the temple, Jesus' resurrection, or Ben Gurion declaring Israel's independence. 
Allow us to arrange your dream event, whether it's a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a wedding, business or a promotional event.

The opportunities are unlimited – just set your imagination (and our expertise) free!

"Sharon (guide) and Yoav -
Let me add my wishes for a happy and healthy New Year. As Cindy wrote, the trip was a once in-a-lifetime trip - we will never forget it. We have so many great memories of the history, geography and most of all, the people of Israel. We have a HOME to return to if we ever need it.  Sharon, you opened up my eyes, ears and taste buds to a world I may never have known. It was wonderful and so moving to me.  I will pray for all of us and you, too.

Musical Israel

Israel is most famous for its historical and religious sites. But when it comes to music, art, and exotic cuisine, Israel also has a lot to offer! For the past 5 years, the Israeli opera performed some of the world's leading opera shows, such as Aida, Carmen, Nabucco, and more. The shows take place at the foothills of Massada, under the open desert sky with a striking setting, superb sound system, and leading performers and singers.


Taking advantage of this annual opera event which became a tradition that attracts tens of thousands of music fans from all over the world, we designed this unique itinerary which offers the best Israel has to offer in music of  many kinds. From the opera in Massada to authentic Hassidic music, from a Middle Eastern style belly dancer to the Mozart Requiem played in a Crusaders' fortress, and much more.

From the agent:
"Hello Yoav!
Mrs E. (the group leader) was very very satisfied with the tour. She is a very demanding person and when she says that she was satisfied it means that it was perfect. 
She liked the guide very much who was definitely the right person for this kind of group and she also liked the hotels, restaurants and food and the all the special professional visits.
Thank you for your patience and understanding concerning this particular group!

Aliyah Pilot Trip

Making Aliyah (immigrating to Israel) is a life changing decision that requires a great deal of thought and planning. The experience is wonderfully rewarding but also comes with challenges and complexities. Israel My Way offers a unique and innovative opportunity—a “pilot trip” for families and individuals considering Aliyah. This trip, the first of its kind, allows potential Olim (immigrants) to “test the waters” and provides valuable information about the Aliyah process and the beautiful country they are considering making their home.


This itinerary showcases all that Israel has to offer the “Oleh Hadash”—new immigrant. Included in the plan are:

  • Conferences and meetings with government officials, employment agencies, and Olim from the US
  • Presentations about real estate opportunities (including inspections to various cities, moshavim, kibbutzim and more types of housing); banking and mortgages, and Aliyah benefits
  • Visits to schools, communities, and synagogues
  • Meetings with Israeli soldiers
  • And of course, many special activities unique to Israel My Way 

Dear Yoav and the Israel My Way staff,  
Thank you so much for your tireless work on our behalf. The passion and excitement generated by this trip will stay with us forever. We find ourselves equipped with a new-found fascination and understanding of the country and are basking in the glow of a phenomenal trip. I’m so glad we had the time to truly SAVOR the country. It was absolutely priceless to be able to see Israel through the eyes of those who love it and have made their beloved country their home. It was a very poignant experience for us. The spirit and warmth of the people cannot be measured! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  
All the best,  

Incentive Tour

This narrow strip of land is known for its archeological landmarks, varied landscapes and colorful population. Being able to show case all the Israel has to offer in a relatively short period of time enables participants to feel a sense of accomplishment at the conclusion of their stay here. Here at Israel My Way, we carefully select a mix of luxurious services, transportation and accommodation coupled with the best of the classic sites plus activities customized to suit your group’s individual focus.

Our incentive tours are designed for the individual groups aiming to give them an excellent, and thoroughly enjoyable overview of Israel. Expect to experience new environments and learn about the rich history of this country. At the same time, visit locations relevant to your field of profession, inspiring a more worldly connection to your field.  


This incentive tour was designed for a construction association who wanted to treat their members with an introduction to Israel. Alongside the major attractions, the tour also included a lecture by an Israeli expert in the field of construction exploring the advancements in Israel and a visit to the greenest building in the country, the Porter School of Environmental Studies in Tel Aviv, a LEED-Platinum certified building. Over the course of 10 days, the group experienced the arid desert, the lush greenery of the north, the bustling modern city of Tel Aviv as well as the beautifully spiritual city of Jerusalem.

With so much to offer, Israel can cater for any professional field, promising a sophisticated and stimulating trip to remember.

Dear Yoav and the Israel My Way staff,   
Thank you for all your efforts in organizing our tour in Israel. Everyone is coming back filled with excitement, and enthusiasm knowing that they just experienced a once in a lifetime trip! The trip provided the perfect backdrop to bonding with the group, stimulating conversations and memories that’ll last. I loved the collaborative opportunities across the institutions, what an incredible experience. I feel very fortunate to work with such an impressive group of people! The trip that you concocted went above and beyond all expectations, and to that you are owed all the credit!

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